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WLAN-HotSpotHoliday Home Hein offers you connections


You'd like to be connected to the world even during your vacation?

 Who depends on the world wide web, or doesn't want to abstain from it, is exactly right with us! We offer you acces to the net via our usb modem or via our WLAN-hotspot.

USB-modem: You can use our standard V.92 56 K USB-modem; Drivers and the necessary cables are present.
You need your own provider data and identification in order to establish an DFÜ-network!

WLAN: wireless network via standard 802.11n (compatible to Standard 802.11 b,g). We use a broad band cable connection witht 2,2 MB/s download- and 220 kbit/s uploadspeed.
In order to configure your connection, we need the MAC-adresse of your WLAN-device; alternatively you can borrow an usb-device from us.

We offer you both connection for a small fee. Just call us, and soon after you'll be connected to the Web.

In Merzig nearly the whole inner part of town is equiped with a public WLAN-HotSpot. The beergarden of the restaurant Ellerhof has an hotspot, too.