Rendezvous Saarland



Why you should come here!

Germany has become a family friendly and interesting destination again. There are lots of reasons for that development:
The holiday- and recreational areas are directly close to your front door and a lot of different landscapes offer many possibilities to spent your time in Germany. You can find almost anything in Germany: high mountains, oceans, rivers, deep and quiet forests... . The variety of options to enjoy your vacation is nearly unlimited!
Furthermore Germany has an infrastructure that is hardly found anywhere else. The traffic systems allows you, to travel to any destination spontaneously. Many of Germany's beautiful areas are well accessable but sorrowly hardly known.
That website shall help, to make our beautiful region at the Saar and Mosel more famous. Perhaps we can convince you, too, to have a closer look at our region and spend some time with us!
You can do (almost) anything here: Hiking, biking, fishing, nordic walking, well being, feasting, river cruising on Saar and Mosel, med. applications, swimming in lakes and public pools, culture und history. And the best thing about it: All that for low costs of arrival, lodging and food.
We already wish you lots of fun while reading our pages and have a good journey.

And so you can find us:

WEB.DE Routenplaning: Your way to Besseringen 66663 (D)

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If you arrive via highway A8 - please use the exit Merzig-Schwemlingen/Besseringen!

Map of Besseringen

The red spot marks the location of our info-box.
The red square marks the position of the holiday home.